Christ Child Society Members prep for upcoming Garage Sale!

Spring is in the air!  So while you are getting some fresh air in the house and thinking about cleaning out your closets don’t forget the Christ Child Garage sale.  Here’s the dates and times.  What’s New and some tips for those donating.

Dates: Monday, June 6th. – Wednesday June 8th.  Work days.  *new this year Wednesday, June 8th. from 4:00 – 6:00pm Member’s Pre-Sale!  This pre-sale is for members and their friends and family only.  Thursday, June 9th.  8:00 am – 6:00pm  Friday – 8:am – Noon.  This is Half Price Day! 

New this year:  For those of you who have large furniture and don’t have a way to get it to our storage facility or Queen of Angels, please contact Suzanne Dunn @ 433-3917 or  We now have a moving company that will pick up the large items from your home.  Contact Suzanne and she can give you the details on how this works. 

Quick Tips: (1) remember all your donations are tax deductible – you will need to list everything you are donating, email this list to Karen Schleinkofer at, she will then get an official receipt to you. (2) Does it work, would you still wear it?  If it doesn’t work or items are damaged or stained, please don’t donate it.   Also all items must be clean. Remember, we want the people who are coming to the garage sale to look favorably upon our organization. (3) Sort, Sort and Sort again!  Please put all like items together in one bag or box if you can.  Example (all adult clothes, all childrens clothes, kitchen items, games/toys, household goods…) This will make quick work for those getting the sale ready.  (4) Pricing is preferred!  This will also greatly speed up the work process Monday – Wednesday for the volunteers.  Guideline  for pricing : Take the price you paid, divide that in half and then divide that amount in half.  (5) What we do not accept: TV’s, Computers.  (6) For the safety of our volunteers – please wrap any breakable items in paper or bubble wrap. 

May 5th. Christ Child Spring Luncheon:   Small items that are in boxes and trash bags/shopping bags can be brought to the Spring Luncheon.  Our garage sale team will take these to the storage unit for you.

Thanks so much for helping make this a successful year for our Christ Child garage child,