August news

               As i sit on my front porch of the lake  I am wondering did the summer just go by? The signs are all there the position of the shadows from the sun, the locusts, the cool mornings and evenings. One of the biggest signs for CCSFW members is the start up after a summer break of many workshops , coats being delivered & the planning of the golf outing. We all have grandchildren, children, nieces ,nephews who are getting all of those needed school supplies. We must now gear up our minds and  hearts to begin our work to help those children who may not be getting those items. Let us not forget also the stress this creates on those parents & grandparents who are wondering where they can get assistance for these items. There are many ways we as members can serve to break the cycle of poverty.

We work with the schools in our community to find out what school age children will be in need of a warm coat this winter. By helping with the inventory this Month you are helping assure a child receives a coat for the winter.   

All of our ministries need income to properly address those at risk children and new moms in our area. A big way you as a member can help this month is to participate in our Golf outing. Not a golfer you say, then volunteer the day of. This is a great opportunity to thank the golfers who come out to support us in person.  Contact Carrie Rice for more information.

So as August rolls in remember to check your emails, facebook, and here on ways to get back into the act of serving the little children.